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EEG is the only objective test that can diagnose seizures, status epilepticus & concussions. Only 3% out of 6000 US hospitals can provide rapid EEG tests. Delays lead to many of 60,000 preventable deaths. EEG is challenging due to lack of following at ER and ICU:
- EEG techs (only 5500)
- Neurologist boarded in epilepsy (only 500)
- EEG equipment which is expensive, bulky and has IT overheads

MindGraph Medical is developing cloud based solutions for brain monitoring (EEG) to address the unmet healthcare need at Emergency Departments and ICU in the under-served community hospitals. Our ecosystem provides a cloud platform and cloud integrated EEG devices that enables neurologists and EEG techs to remotely participate & provide services to underserved points of care such as community hospitals, small neurologist offices, rehab centers and concussion management programs on an On Demand basis.

We are currently funded with $800,000 seed investment, raising $3M Series A