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Depending on where along the Autism Spectrum a child is, it may be difficult to assess/address their emotional state. ForceCalm (FC) evaluates this state and with the right algorithm can progressively induce a calmer affect. The main tech used by FC are the front-facing camera and 3D Touch technology in the new iPhone 6S. 3D Touch enables the depth of a child’s press or drag to be measured. FC codes this range of depth, and shows doctors/parents a color corresponding to press/drag depth, from green (light) to red (hard). To establish an emotional baseline, the child is presented images, clips & sounds, and their ‘press responses’ are recorded. The front facing camera captures their facial expressions, HR can be measured via monitor, and Google Glass can be linked to track eye movement - building an overall picture of emotional state. Over time, ForceCalm learns a child’s response patterns & intelligently displays material associated with calming them, lowering their heightened arousal.