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Are patients aware they have a care team? According to Langer (2015), increasing understanding and awareness of a care team improves patients’ sense of connectedness, a practical route to patient engagement. As part of a collaborative to activate Patient Advisory Councils, SF Health Network and a User Experience (UX) designer partnered with groups of patients to inform the development of a new website. The “What is the team-based care model?” webpage revealed that patients, many engaged in care improvement for years—didn't consider a care team that reached beyond the provider. Patient feedback ranged from "ditch the word 'model' that's jargon" to "how is a behavioral health clinician different from a case manager?" Involving patients as partners in marketing & social media strategy is a win-win. SFHN submits this entry as an example of engagement work informed by UX theory and to emphasize logical collaborations with the care team’s most important member—the patient.