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One of the objectives of LMEd is to support and mentor medical school champions of Lifestyle Medicine Education. These champions include deans, faculty, students and community leaders that work together to create a common vision, objectives, resources, and implementation plan. The number and commitment of these champions has been tremendous.

LMEd will provide mentoring to LMEd members who want start and/or expand their existing LM programs at their school. It consists of a phone call and access to the Lifestyle Medicine toolkit. The toolkit contains a high level overview of change management concepts as well as major articles, topics, and examples of medical school leadership in nutrition, culinary medicine, and exercise, to name a few. We continually update the toolkit from medical school champions.

If you are interested in mentoring and the toolkit, let us know by signing up with our LMEd consortium and sending an email to: with your contact information. Demand is high so please be patient.

- Dennis Muscato
Western University of Health Sciences
College of Osteopathic Medicine