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Dental disease is one of the most prevalent, costliest and most uninsured disease in the world. It is also the most easily preventable by home care. However; dexterity of care, understanding of right care by the patient and lack of clinician's knowledge on patient's care practice are the three things that substantially reduce efficacy of world's most practised preventive measure - tooth brushing.
An electronic device that records brushing pressure, motion, duration and compliance may be integrated to an android app in order to give the clinician real time picture of the patient's habits. The device may be attachable to the tooth brush or may be incorporated in the handle. The data may be fed into the app by attaching the device into the smart phone once a week. The app will generate graphical data and send Emails to the clinician on a weekly basis.
The clinician may assess the oral hygiene practices of the patient more accurately without having to examine him or ask him. This reduces a lot of bias in assessment. It also saves a lot of time for the patient. Preventive and health promotion practices that the clinician wants may be designed through this assessment.Once designed, the interventions may be provided through the interactive android app. Again a great time saver, for both patient and the practice. Further, the app may have an option of integration with patient management system at the dental office so that the data and interventions may be incorporated in the patient records.
The device itself will act as a motivational and monitoring tool for the patient. Sound signals when the brushing motion is wrong, brushing forces are too high or time given to brushing is too less may help in better brushing by the patient. Proper oral care is known to prevent dental caries and periodontal disease two diseases that share majority of disease burden in dentistry. It may therefore save a lot of money spent in health care, especially secondary and tertiary prevention. This integrated device will help in making preventive care better, more accurate and save time.