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Developing an innovative patient monitoring system consisting of an electronic implant, a personal assistant, a dedicated server and patient's and physician's applications.
This remote, continuous, multiparameter technology aims at setting a new standard profiling domo-medicine in relation to connected healthcare, personalized medicine and predictive models.
A concrete, immediate impact on quality of life, clinical outcome and health insurance is achieved with the 1st product to market i.e. a connected, 3-parameter, implantable port, a real breakthrough as over 20% of cancer chemotherapy patients experience at least 1 episode of deterioration of health status or/and complication, requiring an emergency treatment and/or an hospitalization, with significant mortality.
The connected port is also beneficial to patients requiring other infusion therapies with a long-term vascular access, such as e.g. central parenteral nutrition and antibiotherapy.
2 other products are in the pipeline, as well as new additional physiological parameters.
The base deliverables of the technology are:
- real-time alarms
- historical data
- synthesized graphs
- composite indicators.
The benefits are:
- real-time detection of deterioration of health status, complication e.g. toxic or accident e.g. fall, thus early care resulting in reduction of emergency treatment and hospitalization
- improved follow-up, therapy optimization and personalization
- follow-up of decision-making and prognosis scoring systems e.g. oncology Performance Status
- patient engagement and increased quality of life
- potential therapeutic innovation e.g. personalized chrono-chemotherapy
- prediction of serious adverse events using predictive clinical models
- other predictive models and big data