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Since people go looking on the web for healthcare information about whether to seek care of not all the time. Have a free service for each major hospital in a given geographic area where someone can log on and video chat (like Skype) to a triage nurse (with an MD for consult available if needed) about their case.

1. Is it an emergency? Send to ER or activate EMS system
2. Is it Urgent? Send to Urgent Care
3. Is it something that can be handled by your PMD? If they don't have one give a referral
4. Is it something you can take care of at home with something from the local drug store? Tell what to take and give guidelines for when to see a provider if not cured.

This benefits patients by giving them access to real providers for correct answers to their issues. It benefits the hospital, urgent care, and PMD by guiding patients to the correct provider reducing costly overloading that may be unnecessary.