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Thank you to the Finalists who presented last night. It was an amazing and inspiring evening of great debate and networking and taking real steps to fix our American healthcare system. Everyone's ideas and presentations were amazing.

Special congratulations to our Grand Prize winner, Dr. Megan Hunt, third year resident at Banner University Medical Center!

Thank you to the fantastic panelists, Dr. Catherine Chen, Dr. Craig Chen, and Dr. Josue Zapata:

Great emceeing by Dr. Chris Moriates:

Judges Drs. Adams Dudley, Rita Redberg, Jacob Asher, and Gil Welch having a good time:

Dr. Steve Brown presenting to a full room:

Dr. Chris Petrilli, Michigan Health System:

Dr. Simran Matta, UNSOM:

Med students Jared Sokol & Darin Rosen: