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Smart Pill Box and smart watch that alerts patients as to the right time to take a medicine and a locking mechanism on the pill box so only the intended medicine is taken. Also, the wrist watch can show a big colored picture of the right pill so the patient can confirm he/she are taking the right one.
I believe in today's age of polypharmacy (and reluctance of insurers to pay for polypills) compliance with meds is a critical issues. Missed medications and medication confusion can lead to unnecessary doctor and ER visits, lost time at work, and potentially fatal medication errors.
A small test idea could be coumadin dosing. A SmartPill Box with 6 locking slots could hold various coumadin pill doses (1mg, 5mg, 10mg). If the patient needs to take 7.5mg on M/W/F then the smart watch would trigger the right slots to open, so only this dose would be taken. If the patient's last INR was too high and the prescribing physician wants to hold a dose for 2days, then no slots on the box would open.

I feel this idea or refinements of this idea would greatly assist with medication compliance and avoid medication errors.