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While pregnancy is full of joy and excitement, it is also many questions and uncertainty. What do contractions feel like? It has become almost a rite of passage to have visits only to be sent home in false labor. It is a source of anxiety for first time mothers.

A new start-up, Bloom Technologies has created a wearable contraction monitor. This is a new consumer product with no research of the benefits of this device. There has been a cochrane review of 15 studies about home contaction monitoring. It show that they may decrease the number of NICU admissions but patients had more visits and tocolytic treaments. The level of evidence is low.

I would like to create a pilot study to evaluate the benefits of home contraction monitoring. Is the information provided beneficial? I propose a RCT with a primary endpoint would be decreasing anxiety in the third trimester. Secondary outcome are NICU admissions, number of antepartum visits, tocolyctics, and diagnosis of preterm labor.