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WatchRx is building an all-in-one watch (that's also a phone and a GPS) dedicated to helping seniors take their meds on time and live independently in their homes as long as possible.

1. Medication reminder displays the medication name, image and dosage along with voice instructions, and alerts caregivers in case of any missed medications
2. Emergency calling as well as caregivers can call the watch directly
3. Daily "R U OK?" check and alerts caregivers if no response received
4. Built-in GPS also provides real-time tracking and alerts the caregivers if seniors wander away from their homes
5. Reminders for other daily activities also supported
6. No setup required on the watch and automatically downloads all prescription info and other details
7. Can be customized with grand kids' voice messages
8. Predictive system tracks all activities in real-time and alerts in case of an impending problem or if idle for too long when not expected
9. Auto answers incoming phone calls beyond 3 rings (in case the elderly is in distress)

WatchRx is targeting the medication non-adherence market among the elderly. Aging population (65+) in the US is growing rapidly and will account for 20% of the population by 2030. 67% of this population have multiple chronic conditions and more than 7M take 10 medications or more every day. Majority of the senior care recipients are women, windowed and live alone in their homes. 43.5M caregivers take care of someone 50+ and nearly half of them take care of someone 75+. Majority of these caregivers are also women. 70% of women caregivers' careers are affected due to caregiving resulting in $33B productivity loss annually. These women also reported significant physical and emotions stress and strain and 75% of them wanted technology to be effective while keeping their loved ones safe.

Current solutions available are quite expensive, difficult to use and do not work outside the home. Most solutions (like apps for phone or smartwatches) require a smartphone. Seniors find it extremely difficult and confusing to use a smartphone. Smartphone (or smartwatch like Apple Watch) use is less than 10% in seniors 75+ and less than 5% in seniors 80+.

WatchRx is the only comprehensive solution offering a medication reminder watch, a phone and a GPS in a single device.