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We at Hornbill Medtech propose smartwatch wearable type device that helps to schedule, remind, locate, and monitor the patient. Our target population is anyone for whom a second voice might help. It comprises especially of dementia patients, and other patients with neuro-cognitive disorders. Imagine waking up in the morning and a friend reminding you of your schedule for the upcoming activities for the day.
-People with Alzheimer's and dementia have a difficult time being able to perform basic daily activities. They may forget that it's breakfast when all they need is to be reminded.
-Proposed wearable is a wristwatch type device that will automatically interact with the wearer with a voice recording. A prerecording of a familiar voice (family member/friend) of their daily routine can be programmed into the device to give orientation for the day. There can be multiple recordings set to specifics times. The scheduling can be done from a distance as well.
-It has sensors to detect various activities of the patient and to monitor from a distance.
-It also serves as a GPS location device that can be tracked by computer or smartphone. A virtual perimeter can be set up on the application to be able to serve as a warning system if the wearer decides to wander. The integration of these applications will orientate the wearer and prevent them from getting lost. Having a programmable device personalized to each individual's needs will allow them to maintain some independence and empowerment throughout.
It will be very helpful with people with early onset Alzheimer's/dementia to be able to have less stress and a more fulfilling day. It closely mirror's the user's normal behavior. This device will be very valuable to the family. It will certainly address the sense of helplessness that families feel when caring for the dear ones affected. It will also empower the user with a tool that can be programmed to start a new day again and again with the same base line.