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1 in 68 children will be diagnosed with autism this year. The social cost of autism is estimated at over $130 billion/year. Yet there is almost no evidence based treatments or medications. One of the most commoney used interventions with children on the spectrum is the use of deep pressure; firm pressure applied to the body like a firm hug or swaddling. Deep pressure is used to help with self regulation, to calm, and improve attention. Dispite the prevalence of use there are only a few pilot studies looking at benefit of the different application methods. We published this summer showing benefits with typical adults using our product using physiological measures of arousal and performance measures. We would like to conduct a pilot study on a wearable garment that can inflate to apply the firm pressure. The benefits of inflation is that the user can have the ability to adjust in real time so they can get the right amount of pressure for the given feeling or cognitive demand they are experiencing at a given moment. This pilot will also help push our ideas about wearable tech from just monitoring tool to interventional tools.