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The iThermonitor is a FDA 510(k) cleared wearable thermometer that allows continuous body temperature monitoring. The app is featured in App Store on iTunes and offers fever management information licensed from Boston Children’s Hospital.
The sensor transmits axillary body temperature every 4 seconds to a smart device (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth, then the smart device sync the data to our cloud storage for remote access in real-time. The App sends alerts when temperature is above a threshold set by the users.

For the consumer market, up to 1/3 of visits to the pediatrician are for fever. Parents, especially new ones find it very stressful when their children run a fever, losing sleep and worrying as they stay up to keep checking their temperatures.

Clinically, there are patient populations whose body temperature needs to be monitored closely, especially in cases of immunosuppression. For example chemotherapy patient, transplant surgery patient.