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There are over 10,000 prescription medications in the USA, and nearly 33% of Americans take 4 or more medications. However, tracking by the FDA reveals that adverse drug reactions account for nearly 700,000 emergency department visits annually with close to 100,000 admissions. These numbers are under-estimates because tracking of over the counter pharmaceutical is not done.

Medication errors may arise from misinterpreted writing, poor communication, drug name confusion, poor labeling, lack of consumer knowledge, and inability of the patient to understand how to use the drug. Over the years, improvements have been made in drug safety at many levels and these have reduced errors in healthcare settings. But drug errors continue to occur at home for a variety of reasons of which the most common is not knowing what one is taking. According to research, most consumers cannot tell what pill they are taking at home.

Now, Irody has developed ActivPrescription™ - a new mobile phone technology with the potential to significantly improve effectiveness of medication therapy and also help prevent medication errors. ActivPrescription is a new innovative digital tracking technology for pills, with enormous potential in hospitals, in the home, retail pharmacies, public health departments and outpatient clinics.

Using novel computer vision algorithms, ActivPrescription can interpret video images captured by a smart-phone camera, effectively making the phone “Visualize” or “see” exactly what the patient is taking. Any phone can take images, but it can’t tell what is in the images – and for this reason a new patented technology is needed. This technology can accurately identify the exact medication the patient is about to take, and if there is a case of misuse of medication or an error in dosage it can alert the individual for medication errors. ActivPrescription also stores and shares a validated detailed medication history for the patient and the prescribing healthcare providers.

ActivPrescription is a novel, next-generation intelligent technology and app(s) for digital tracking of medications and providing actionable information: It alerts for medication errors before they happen and allows the patient to correct the mistake.

By using the optional hands-free Pill Caddie (see photo), it can also help manage drug administration in elderly individuals with poor eyesight and other disabilities. Using the Pill Caddy, the patient places the phone on a special stand that has been custom designed. The smart-phone will perform the medicine identification, all done hand-free.

Unlike most other solutions that just remind patients to take their medications, this new technology not only reminds, but enables patients to perform tasks they cannot do without it: to identify the drugs. It is providing them the reassurance they are really taking the right medication and the correct dose on time. This is a true patient empowerment technology.

Medication management is one of the most critical challenges today in healthcare, given the dramatic rise in use of medication(s), and the recognition that if patients are not taking their medications the right way, the therapy just isn’t going to work.

Irody’s solutions leverages native mobile device capabilities using sophisticated and patented software, therefore, no specialized hardware is required, keeping costs at bay.

There are numerous applications for ActivPrescription, for example personal health, telemedicine, hospital readmission prevention, medication identification for first responders, patient monitoring in clinical trials, medication titration assistance, prevention of drug abuse, medication verification for care givers and more. The technology is ready for trials with patients.

ActivPrescription computer vision technology is protected by US. Patents 7,747,454, 9,031,853 and 9,177,265.