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Diabetes is the fastest-growing cause of inpatient and surgical care costs in the world. Worldwide spending on diabetic care already exceeds $400 billion annually, with 43% of these costs coming from hospital care in Europe and the United States. Over 40% of patients admitted to hospital are now at diabetic risk. Despite this, techniques for controlling glucose levels in hospitalized patients have remained unchanged for nearly three decades, and are too imprecise, labor-intensive, and coarsely implemented to address the growing need.

The Admetsys Smart Pancreas™ measure and maintains a hospitalized patient's blood sugar levels in real time so their blood sugar mirrors that of a healthy patient. Glucose control is important in all patients at diabetic risk including Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics as well as patients with stress hyperglycemia as a result of surgery or trauma including cardiac surgery.

Proper control of blood glucose levels and avoidance of harmful low levels saves lives (34% mortality reduction), decreases complications (by 40–50% over numerous co-morbidities), and speeds recovery (by 1.8 days in critical care patients).

Admetsys has conducted 3 clinical trials with excellent results including 97% normoglycemic control (80-125mg/dL) and zero hypoglycemia.

The device fully connects with hospital EMR systems and allows for clinicians to monitor patients from anywhere within the hospital or remotely via iPhone or iPad.