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Dr. Angele McGray, a clinical psychologist, Kim Abbas, a registered dietitian and myself, an exercise physiologist, just completed offering a Lifestyle Medicine Elective this semester to 1st and 2nd year medical students at the University of Toledo Medical School. We did 2 group sessions at the beginning of the elective discussing the concepts of Lifestyle Medicine. We used the GPPAQ, Block Food Screeners and Stress Screeners to allow students to assess themselves in each of these areas. At the end of the second session students were asked to choose 1 of 3 areas they personally would like to work on (physical activity, eating habits or stress management) for the remainder of the semester. Dr. McGrady facilitated the stress management group. Kim Abbas, R.D., facilitated the eating habits group. I facilitated the physical activity group. At the end of the semester we met for two more sessions. One time we discussed students' progress towards their goals and any specific barriers to achieving their goals. During the last session we reviewed 3 patient case studies (stress, physical activity, eating habits) and discussed what they might do as physicians to help these patients become healthier. All four sessions were facilitated at lunch time. We plan on collecting pre- / post- data on this group of students and future groups. A total of 11 students participated in all 4 large group sessions and all participated in the small group sessions.