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Lumira USA, Inc. is an innovatively high-growth healthcare technology company built upon extensive experiences from previous successful US entities and now making footprints in the United Kingdom with dynamic pilot programs and community programs in the UK as well as throughout Europe. Lumira provides intuitive software, cutting edge personal monitoring devices, and thoughtful health coaching and social collaborative networks to better engage individuals to become self-determining under the supervision of their health and social care providers, and with the help of friends and families. Lumira provides and supports mobile health technologies regardless of data origin and compiles it for practical clinical use.

The Lumira Platform delivers an industry first: a uniquely comprehensive solution to address an organization’s healthcare coordination challenges. The Lumira platform can help reduce preventable errors, improve health outcomes, increase operational efficiency, and manage healthcare costs. Lumira’s solution can help organizations transition to patient-centered value-driven care, and has aligned chronic diseases (for example diabetics) with care coordination protocols keeping them away from emergency room services and into more healthier and living longer lifestyles in their homes supporting quality life options. We have developed sustainable practical technology solutions that fit into the daily lives of chronic disease sufferers that are practical, interoperable, sustainable and secure for long-term healthy lifestyle support.

Lumira creates comprehensive programs for people to better engage with their healthcare, and to better manage their current medical conditions, in the comfort of their own home, and with the support of their healthcare team and social support group. We do so by providing at-home biometric devices to our patients with chronic conditions (those with diabetes, COPD, obesity, etc.). These patients can view their device readings in their patient portal, along with actual graphs and pictorials showing their improvement. Their healthcare providers and support groups can also view this progress to assist in their continued success. We empower the entire patient to better manage and sustain their healthcare. This also provides a collaborative social aspect with social media support thus allowing patients to speak about their conditions, learn from each other, as well as securing trusted education information regarding their conditions. For our healthy patients, this allows for a place to view their appointments, lab results, etc. This system is strengthened by the Lumira analytics exchange, which sits at the base of this concept of patient empowerment; this gathers healthcare information for each patient into one repository; whether from a primary care clinician's uses from one electronic system or from their cardiologist who uses another; all of the various information can be seen in one central place, all in a clear and longitudinal way. This allows physicians to make better decisions, more efficiently, as all of the information necessary to care for any type of patient is at the fingertips of the caregivers and in real-time review. The Lumira concept - like no other platform in existence today - creates healthier and happier patients, more efficiency for providers, and decreased healthcare costs for healthcare organizations as a whole, allowing for all those involved in the healthcare continuum to optimize limited resources and use them in a fashion helpful to all those in need of healthcare services. The Lumira platform and approach to healthcare delivery eliminates all the disparages encountered in healthcare here and in the world and is able to deliver results in a boundarless fashion. We empower the patient and the stakeholders to deliver quality yet affordable care to all in need.