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Physical inactivity is a leading cause of death and disability. "Approximately 2 million deaths per year are attributed to physical inactivity, prompting WHO to issue a warning that a sedentary lifestyle could very well be among the 10 leading causes of death and disability in the world."

The fact that many chronic conditions including heart disease, lung disease and type 2 diabetes can be prevented and/or mitigated by regular physical activity is not a new discovery. However, the recent advent of consumer wearables provides a unique opportunity for continuous patient monitoring.

With years of experience in the fields of Orthopaedics, Surgery, Clinical Research, Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation, the founders of Vivametrica recognized the need for valid analytics to interpret and gain insight from wearable device data that is both personalized and accessible for individuals.

Developed with goal setting and self-management of disease and overall health and wellness in mind, Vivametrica's platform and proprietary algorithms allow an individual to gain a unique overview of their health status. Our analytics are based on both personal measures as well as data that is accessed through wearable device APIs.

This platform produces results that are both individualized and actionable. Individual in the sense that risk scores for chronic disease, depression and low back pain are only for the user's input and data. Actionable in the sense that users are not only able to benchmark their results against a similar population cohort to see where they stand, but they can also toggle activity levels to see how results would change with changes in behaviour. Using Vivametrica's proprietary algorithms, a unique exercise prescription can be developed for each user.

Vivametrica's analytics and services are also applicable in group settings. Comparison of aggregated results are also available in order to assess not only an individual's, but an organization's overall health and wellness. Pre and post-program analysis can be done in order to evaluate the effectiveness of specific organizational and health care interventions.