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Quantified Care is a digital health startup that brings together clinical, business, and technical talent from Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and MIT. With a shared passion for healthcare technology, Quantified Care develops HIPAA-compliant, secure, multimedia software platform for mobile patient monitoring, management, and engagement. Our mission is to create simple, easy-to-use tools to help patients proactively manage their medical condition while significantly reducing the medical and financial burden on the healthcare system.

Today, 80% of factors affecting patient health take place outside of the clinic. As a direct result of the expansion of mobile health technologies, the global population of remotely managed individuals is predicted to explode from 3 million to as many as 19 million patients by 2018. Quantified Care’s platform is designed to help our client’s efficiently manage and deploy care resources to those patients who need care most, when they need it most, even if they’re not currently in the clinic. Improved clinical efficiency reduces operational costs while improved health in the managed population leads to cost savings and cost avoidance from reduced emergency visits and readmissions as well as avoided penalties.

Quantified Care’s platform includes tools for both the client’s patients and the clinical management team. Patients are engaged to complete regular health assessments that capture important medical information about their symptoms, medicine, and vital signs. Health assessments can be completed via email, text message, automated phone calls, or through Quantified Care’s iOS and Android-compatible mobile applications. By developing a multimedia solution, Quantified Care provides clients with the flexibility to use whatever form of communication is the most intuitive, easiest way to engage an individual patient all in a single solution that removes the technical barrier of working with patients who may have different levels of technology accessibility and familiarity. As a technology-agnostic system integrated with the world of mobile health, information provided in these assessments can be self-reported or synced from data sources such as wearable medical device which further simplify the patient experience. Based on the information collected, patients receive immediate, personalized feedback to help them become better educated and engaged participants in managing their own health. To improve access to care and provide peace-of-mind to patients with questions and concerns, Quantified Care’s platform also includes secure text, audio, or video communication directly to our client’s clinical teams.

Quantified Care’s target clients, including health insurance companies and healthcare organizations, utilize the platform’s clinical management tools with existing clinical assets such as case management, care coordination, and home care teams of nurses. All the data captured from a clinical organization’s patients is provided to the clinical management team either in their electronic medical record or on Quantified Care’s management portal. Risk stratification based on customizable standards of care organizes patients into high, medium, and low-risk categories. Using this patient-captured data, nurses can identify and manage high-risk patient in real-time. These clinical teams use Quantified Care’s secure text, audio, or video communication to respond to patient issues as they arise as well as to proactively reach out and address early warning signs. With Quantified Care’s platform, these healthcare organizations can more accurately identify patient medical issues before they become exacerbated into a serious, expensive medical emergency.

Quantified Care is currently deploying it's first pilots to tackle CHF, HTN, and asthma to show how this platform provides a real, tangible return on investment in the form of improved clinical outcomes, short-term cost savings, and long-term cost avoidance.