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Constant Therapy is already used by thousands of clinicians to treat tens of thousands of brain injury survivors (stroke, TBI, Aphasia). Our platform analyzes demographic and diagnostic information and uses data from over 25 million delivered brain exercises to recommend an appropriate protocol of speech and cognitive therapy to their clients which is then delivered on mobile devices. That therapy content, 64 different types of exercises with levels of difficulty and over 60,000 variations, is then dynamically adjusted based on performance, cues and behavior. The result has been dramatic improvements in speed and absolute outcomes for the clients using Constant Therapy.

Can this same approach: applying data to amplify therapy science, be used to help people with MCI alzheimer's disease maintain clarity for 6-12 months longer with a regular digital "dosage". Our in-product data shows very promising early results with improvements in visuospacial, memory, auditory, scanning, quantitative reasoning, attention and planning skills.

A clinical trial is now being independently run by Dr. Andrew Budson at the VA in Boston with n=50 using a battery of standardized cognitive assessments before the trial and every 6 weeks thereafter for control and experimental groups over 6 months. This is brain therapy...not brain games.