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Moving Analytics, Inc. helps hospitals implement home-based cardiopulmonary care management programs delivered through patients’ mobile devices. Cardiac rehab (CR) is prescribed to patients with recent cardiac events or coronary artery disease. Patients who complete rehab cut their risk of readmissions by half. However only 20% of patients enroll because it's inconvenient and expensive (36 hospital visits, long commutes, conflicts with work schedules & up to $1,800 in co-pay). As a result, hospitals lose revenue from reimbursements. With the advent of bundled-payment models for cardiac care, hospitals also stand to pay significant readmission penalties for patients ($1B annually).
Moving Analytics helps hospitals increase participation in CR through technology enabled, home-based programs. We offer a turnkey solution consisting of an evidence-based program, technology platform and implementation expertise. Using our product, hospitals can seamlessly offer a more convenient and affordable rehab program to the 80% of patients who don’t participate thereby increasing enrollment, generating additional revenue and reducing readmissions.
We are based on MULTIFIT, a home-based rehab program developed by Stanford University and Kaiser Permanente. At Kaiser, MULTIFIT is the standard of care with over 70,000 patients served, 70% enrollment and equivalent clinical outcomes to in-person CR. We have digitized MULTIFIT into a mobile app for patients and a case-management system for nurses. We have also recruited the team that developed MULTIFIT.