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We have developed & beta tested a Coordinated Medical Record system -- a single record that contains all of a patient's clinical & financial information over space & time - data is captured in such a way that it can be merged, segregated, prioritized & distributed according to privacy & need to know protocols. Co-developer helped develop the credit card system & that is our basic model -- modified to accommodate the more complex healthcare data & interactions -- The system runs on IBM's national network infrastructure -- We have beta-tested the system & document how the system increases the quality & decreases the cost of healthcare simultaneously,
decreases operating expenses at every care site, shifts revenue from insurance companies & hospitals to physicians with the direct support of employers, automatically generates better quality & cost statistics & reports than anywhere else in the industry (& this info must remain under the control of physicians), has a feature that makes the entire insurance industry transparent & leads to 100% clean claims, and there's more.. Insurance companies & venture capital firms would love to own & control this system, but we want it to be owned & controlled by all of the physicians that use it -- I funded the product development -- physicians contributed to the beta test funding -- we need more physicians from across the country, representing themselves, their groups, and/or their professional organizations to become involved as advisers, collaborators & investors -- If interested, please contact me James McGauley MD