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What are clinicians doing with Glass in Healthcare?

I've cut and edited (from my days as a producer...not really, but I did want to be an MTV star, though I'm somewhat tone-deaf) the keynotes from our Google Glass Smackdown to highlight why New England/Boston physicians think Glass is a GAMECHANGER.

It's a great illustration of what a Glass EMR looks like. And it's a great illustration of physicians to UNSHACKLE from the work station. I called it "FREE THE PHYSICIAN!"

Rafael Grossmann, MD, talks about the ability for Glass to transform surgical education.

Karandeep Singh, MD, has a working prototype of his wearable Glass EMR.

Steve Horng, MD, has had a live deployment in the BIDMC ER for the last 8-10 months, and is working to combine Glass with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Thank you to John Bennett for hosting a great Boston Glass Hangout with some great programmers, including Karandeep Singh, MD, where we discussed deployment, potential, and HIPAA issues.

For those of you interested in Wearables, don't miss the first ever WATCH (Wearable Technology in Healthcare Society) Conference this weekend which is titled "The Future of Wearable Tech in Healthcare."