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What is direct primary care and how is it being implemented with AtlasMD for the last 5 years? Dr. Josh Umbehr, Founder of AtlasMD, talks to MedTech Boston about his start-up and the new electronic medical record they're building for direct primary care practices.

I was most fascinated by the following aspects.

Decreased support staff
Josh tells me that the regular primary care practices needs 6-7 full-time staff members (medical assistents, nurses, administrators, billing, etc) for every physician. In their model, they are able to cut down to about 2 staff members for every physician.

Increased time with patients
In their model, they are able to block 45-60 minutes for EVERY patient, which also allows time to schedule imaging, labs, consults, etc. The average primary care physician manages a roster of about 2,000. They manage a roster of about 600

Quantified Self is HERE
As far as I know, this is the ONLY EMR to integrate Human API, which allows integration of Jawbone, Fitbit, Nike, iHealth, and Withings, as well as applciations like RunKeeper, Moves App, and DailyMile.

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Thank you to Josh Umbehr and Doug Nunamaker for being Celebrity Judges in our Primary Care Challenge!