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Our model of GWCC included 90 minute group health maintenance appointments, in place of traditional WCC, throughout the first year of life. At GWCC, for the first 30 minutes, 4-8 families cycle through stations including: measurements by the nurse, physical exam by the resident, and pre-visit questionnaires facilitated by the attending and child life specialist. During the next 45 minutes, the resident facilitates a discussion of anticipatory guidance. The last 15 minutes are for vaccine administration and follow-up on individual needs of families. Each appointment includes two interprofessional discussions: in advance of each appointment (focused on patient issues) and afterward (focused on patient issues as well as each team member giving feedback to each other team member on facilitative technique, knowledge and skill). Parents express both their expertise and difficulties in parenting in a supportive group--both of which allow them to practice greater responsive parenting.