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The multiple well intentioned placards hanging in each exam room were not truly educating those patients that needed it...the messages were not getting to the intended subjects. After a trial of placing targeted slideshows on digital picture frames, we embarked on the development of Health Mirror, a multimedia dissemination tool. Health Mirror displays video content targeted to the patient waiting in the exam room, after they are brought back from the waiting room. The video content is targeted to their age, gender, PMH, & language, according to the practice's & physician's preferences. A 13 year old male sees videos about safety issues, bullying and HPV, not about colon cancer screening. A 60 year old female diabetic sees videos about Hgb A1C testing and osteoporosis screening, not childhood issues. One site showed improvement in 4 CQMs with using our process in just 3 months. With or without EMR integration, every patient gets content that primes the patient physician encounter.