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Each year, the Innovation Fellows program at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Primary Care selects doctors to focus on one of America’s biggest healthcare puzzles: primary care. The fellows create communities of clinician innovators and mentors, promote cross-disciplinary collaborations, and lead innovations in diabetes, depression management, group visits, health information technology, and much more.

In this MedTech Boston story, we profile 3 of the fellows.

Fellow: Bevin Kenney, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Innovation Project: “Medical Students as Health Coaches and Change Agents”

Fellow: Kitty O’Hare, Boston Children’s Hospital
Innovation Project: “Transition to Adult Care”

Fellow: Stephanie Power, Family Practice Group, Mount Auburn Hospital
Innovation Project: “Implementing a Collaborative Care Model to Treat Co-morbid Medical and Psychological Conditions in Primary Care”

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