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iam Dr.sivagurunathan MD wish to put forward my real feeligs from my Heart for Patients are not to be treated as Patients but as suffering Human being who comes to a Dr to make him touch and share his feelings and sufferings and to encourage him positivelywitch cures most of the deseases and give mental satisfaction regarding his ailment and about the Dr. as a friend and a well wisher partly sharing the burden and daily activities of the suffering patients life-giving him encouragement, transparency even wish to have some light food with him but taking all precautions not to be affected to a Dr.
I wish thinking of multiple STREET CORNER CLONICS with aqualified Nursing staffs ( For ex. in all petrol Bunks, Crowded Market places- wallmart etc etc. Schools and University Campuses, theatres Beaches and crowded Tourist spots and yet more )
These Basic Health worker will routinely check the Ht., Wt, BMI. BP. Sugar Urea ,using strips, and if they volunteered can test for HIV,

Blood cholesterol and immunisation of children with reasonable sterility.ECG if some adult c/o of chest pain with interpreter and discussing the unsolved problem thro Tele and web camera.First aid kit should be available with each center and persons should be trained inthat.Thus we can filter 50 to 75 % of patients in OPDs and only referring the really sick thro ambulance to caring center.Just by Psychotherapy most of the ailment will get cured by itself and we as Drs should be GOD Gifted Real Human Being to our fellow human being.Nature will take care of most illnesses and we are only to guide the innocent,ignorant suffering people .We Drs are created for that purpose ,to bear, share and cure the pts.By this method we can have regular ,cheap avalability ( Not wastingtime for an appointment and getting Treatment even for minor illneeses with a MD consultant -waste of money and time and energy )Govt. can minimise the cost for medical care by preventing,advicing and home therapy if necessary.Lot of money can be saved to the Govt. by adopting this procedure . less expense .physical and mental strain to the patients also.Simplify all the procedures save the people save the patients at a lower cost and with a BEST TREATMENT.Still more idea is linkering my mind and I shall let loose one by one to the acceptance of patients, Drs and Govt who spend money rampantly for nothing witch is my inference.Drs make Hi and Hay with the patients witch a Dr alone could understand and feel the truth.