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Joseph Nicholas Macaluso, Jr
Board of Directors at LSU Health Foundation
  • Urology
  • Endoscopy
  • healthcare reforms
  • entrepeneurship and venture capital
  • I have advised pre-SeriesA startups.
  • Surgery
  • Urology
  • Healthcare Startups
  • Healthcare consulting
  • Healthcare Startup Crowdfunding
  • Angel Investor
  • Patient Care
  • Medical Innovation
  • Syndicate investor at
  • Reviewer at Urology
  • Ad Hoc Advisor at Swan Valley Medical, Incorporated
  • Investor, Ad-hoc advisor at Sensulin
  • Medical Advisor; Investor; Syndicate Leader (angelMD) at Noninvasix
  • Ad Hoc Medical Advisor at AxoSim
  • Investor at Green Sun Medical
  • Investor; Senior Medical Advisor; Board of Directors at referralMD
  • Senior Advisor; Investor at Global Cancer Technology, Inc.
  • Board Member and Past Chairman at LSU Health Foundation
  • Investor; Scientific Advisory Board; Regional Medical Director (San Antonio and New Orleans) at angelMD
  • Board of Directors at LSU Health Foundation
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